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Necklace - Hunter/tress/trx and the Hunted Amulet Necklace - Hunter/tress/trx and the Hunted Amulet
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One of a kind necklace created with a naturally shed stag antler tip amulet, designed and hand strung by Stephanie Taylor Grimassi. The beads are black onyx, red coral with silver toned spacers and sterling silver security lobster clasp.  
 The Covenant between the Hunter/tress/trx & the Hunted is a very old teaching that is tied to the stag in the forest, which connects the Antlered God mythos.  In this the hunter/tress/trx promises to reanimate the slain stag who is killed in the hunt.  Once the stag has died, the hunter/tress/trx dips an arrowhead into its blood.  The arrow is then shot off into the woods with the belief that it will be born again on the spot where the arrow lands.
The antlers are worn as a crown during a celebratory dance. This is regarded as animating the dead stag.
Following this, an antler tip is taken for the hunter/tress/trx to wear. The essence of the spirit of the stag lives on again the wearer.
Symbolizes virility, strength, courage, force of nature, regenerative.
26 inches long.

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