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Raven Grimassi is the award-winning author of over 21 books on Wicca, Witchcraft, and Inner Mystery teachings.  His titles include The Witches' Craft, Italian Witchcraft, Witchcraft: A Mystery Tradition, Spirit of the Witch, Crafting Wiccan Traditions,Old World Witchcraft,Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch, Communing with the Ancestors, and his final book, What We Knew in the Night and many more for sale right here on this page. 
Raven also co-created and co-authored the two oracle kits The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path with Stephanie Taylor, illustrated by pagan artist Mickie Mueller. Raven was an initiate of several Witchcraft traditions including Strega, Brittic, Pictish Gaelic, and Celtic Traditionalist. He is also a recognized expert on Italian Witchcraft and the foremost authority on the works of Charles Godfrey Leland in this particular field.
Raven crossed the veil peacefully at home with his wife Stephanie by his side, on March 10, 2019, from a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Raven spent his time between writing and co- directing the Ash, Birch & Willow training system of Old Ways Witchcraft.  Having been born on the festival day of the goddess Ceres (Patron of the Mysteries), Raven was devoted to preserving and teaching the Mystery Tradition of pre-Christian Europe.

For more information visit Raven Grimassi's Website and HouseofGrimassi.com.

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