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Raven and I over many years collected numerous types of what we considered "collectible" items.  We have a vast assortment from Disney, Marvel, Toy Biz and other notable companies.  It is time to part with these items as I down-size.  If you are a collector, I hope that you find something that you can add to your collection or refer to other collectors.  You can always make an offer on any item you like.   I will be continuing to add to this list in the weeks to come.
Crystals and Stones
We have an interesting and varied assortment of crystals and stones.
Gigantic Lodestones to Jet disks.

Mark Robert Collectible Fairies Mark Robert Collectible Fairies

Museum Appointments Museum Appointments

Ancestral Veneration Accessories
Here you will find everything you need to celebrate and honor the spirits of your ancestors and all who have come before you.  Statuary, shrines, offerings, herbs, and other useful tools.


As I move forward with a new vision for my life I am endeavoring to redesign Raven's Loft.
The items I offer at a "close out"  price  will not be available again.
There are other items I have put on sale that I will continue to carry.
This will be noted in the inventory item listing.
I thank you again for the support as I move ahead with my new dream!
Love and blessings- Stephanie Taylor Grimassi

Readings with Stephanie Taylor Grimassi
Stephanie Taylor Grimassi is available for spiritual readings and consultations by appointment. 
Illuminated by her over twenty years of experience in the Craft, she reads using the Well Worn & Hidden Path oracle decks, cards she co-designed with her husband Raven Grimassi, to guide the reading and offer spiritual insight rooted in the wisdom of the Witches.   
½ hour=$60.00
1 hour=$120.00
Once the reading has been purchased, Stephanie will contact you to set up the day and time. Please be sure your contact information is correct.  If you have a specific day and time in mind, please write it in the comment section on the order invoice. You are welcome to record your reading.    

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Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition Products
The products in this department are for alignments and the practice of Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition.

House of Grimassi Salons
Continuing the tradition of magical fellowship, come visit the House of Grimassi and enjoy a wide variety of speakers, teachers and authors sharing their wisdom in the world of magic.

Books Books
Raven’s Loft carries the full catalog of Raven Grimassi including books, CDs and DVDs.
We feel the books we offer will contribute to enhancing and enriching your spiritual and magical Path. When purchasing a book from Raven's Loft you know you are purchasing a quality addition for your library.

Branwen's Dreams Branwen's Dreams
❧Raven's Loft is pleased to share a new line of products through Branwen's Dreams. Branwen offers a large array of high-quality, hand-crafted herbal wares for individuals who are tired of mass-produced, toxin laden products.

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