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Pendant - Key to the Mysteries Pendant - Key to the Mysteries
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Our beautiful sterling silver key is based upon the classic and historical symbol of Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads.
The Key denotes its wearer as one who can unlock the inner mysteries and enter mystical pathways. The design features a small full moon atop two crescents that meet tip to tip. These are the waxing and waning moons. On the stem of the key appear three knobs that signify the "three knots of magic" (representing the ability to manifest whatever is desired).
At the tip of the key is the stylized letter "H" which symbolizes Hecate the goddess of doorways and portals. To denote the current phase of the moon, from the viewer's perspective, place the "H" pointing to the left(waxing) or the right (waning). Wear this key to claim your power and open doorways to spiritual evolution.
2-1/4" long x 1-1/4 at widest point.
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