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Are you looking for guidance and support for the coming year? Would you like a monthly focus to help you in navigating your life? Then look to The Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading.  
This Tarot card spread is designed to take you on a journey through the 12 months of the Wheel of the Year.  Each card will reflect the energies, potential, patterns, challenges and influences that are available for one month to draw and build upon for 12 months’ time of your choosing. 
This is a path working reading for growth and your spiritual evolution designed for those who are walking their path and looking at the bigger questions of their life. You choose the date.  A particular full moon, birth day, anniversary, any auspicious day you like. 
The Tarot cards are plotted on a 12-month wheel selected from a 78-card stack using the Thoth deck. The cards selected will show the symbols that reflect the possibilities of each month. Learn what energies are seeking to work with you. Follow the patterns unfolding. Gain warning on the challenges ahead and potentials to manifest that are present during the month for which the card was drawn.   For example, if your birthday is June 13th, the first card will be in effect from June 13th to July 13th, the second card would be effect from July 13th to August 13th and so on all the way around the wheel until you finish the year and end back at the day before your birth-date of the next year.  
You will need to provide your complete birth-date information in the comment section of the order form. The process takes approximately 7-10 days to complete.
You will be mailed a hard copy of the wheel  as well as an email attachment. You can also schedule a one hour virtual consultation. 
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