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Life changing 8/28/2015
By: Branwen    (VT)
People often ask me if this is a "Wicca 101" course, to which my reply is always a resounding, "No, it is not."While this system is a modern one, it has roots that reach back through history - preserving elements of the Old World teachings, its core beliefs and rituals based upon what has been historically shown to be those which our ancestors would have practiced in the past. The ABW does not claim to be a surviving system - and yet it venerates the same things which were held sacred in pre-Jewish/Christian times.If you are looking for a tradition that is truly rooted in the Old Ways, you owe this to yourself.
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an invaluable course 9/28/2014
By: Drascus    (MA)
What so many of us are missing in the modern craft is a tradition. A tradition rooted in the ancient ways of our ancestors. This course offers a solid ground in the teachings of the Ash Birch and Willow tradition. It is more than a simple class it's an opportunity to interface with a community of Witches and to learn directly from the sources of the tradition. Truly taking this class has been one of the best decisions of my practice and has paid dividends for my spirituality. I highly recommend this class to all serious seekers.
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